MCG recommends a throrough cleaning and inspection annually.
Competitive shotguns (trap and skeet, etc) should be cleaned seasonally, or even after each meet.

Complete Disassembly
  • Stocks/Forends removed to facilitate complete interior inspection and cleaning
  • Stocks cleaned and conditioned with oil
  • Leather Slings treated with protectant
  • All verdigris removed from brass components
  • Swivels cleaned and lubed
All metal parts thoroughly cleaned inside and out, including Receiver Barrel.

Once cleaned, all metal parts are suspended in light oil for lubrication and allowed to drip dry.
Any optics that must be removed are boresighted upon reinstallation. Optics are cleaned with lenses polished.

  • Handguns: $35 - $60

  • Rifles & Shotguns: $50 - $125
Remington 870 broken down and ready for cleaning
Thompson Encore prior to trigger job
Smith and Wesson revolver prior to reassembly

Refinishing $100 - $300
Recoil Pads Between $80 and $100, Pad included.
Glassbedding $45 - $125
Sling Studs $25/pair installed
Crack Repair Approximately $45
Custom grinding a stock for a new padSetting the angle......... Ground to shape.........Installed

Boresighting $13
Scope Mounting $13 - $45
Shotgun site bead $25 installed
Front site blade alteration (narrowing) $45
Swap Sights on Auto Handgun $50
The collimator rests inside the bore on a calliber-specific spud

Straighten bent shotgun barrel $65
Re-stake shotgun shell latch $20
Cut and recrown barrel $50 and up
Trigger Job $50 + parts
Hand fabricated Ithaca latch screw

The Encore's sear getting polished The Encore's sear getting polished The Encore's sear getting polished

Bluing (Traditional Hot Salt) Typical bolt action.22: $150
Shotguns and Rifles: $200 - $400
Pistols and Revolvers: $200 - $300
Belgian Bluing $100 per tube
American Rust Bluing Hourly
Gun Kote (various colors) $50 and up
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